Moving along.


Scavenging in Artistia, 2016


Hunting in Artistia, 2016

As we said before, we are going to put some work from my current project, so here is some of this work.
Colored versions will be brought forth soon.
We provide the context forthwith:

With the help of some politically-minded youths, we are setting out to form a nation free of corruption by those experienced in politics.

This nation will be located wherever we want it to be.

It is a jungle nation abundant in flora and fauna.

The pastimes include bird-riding and the post-modern concept of “ResortSports”.

The name of this nation shall be Potatoworld.

We are currently seeing that treatises on this subject are being prepared.
We shall share these with you when they have been completed.

A fine week to you!




I’m afraid the failures to update will likely continue as I work on my current project.
I’ll try and upload progress on said project as it goes along.

This Inktober thing is not worth it.

Thanks for your patience!