The Happiest Sketch on Earth

Hey look, we’re posting sketches again.

Ain’t that something.

So, for context, I went to Orlando on a class trip, and we went to Disney World.
So, in between being miserable on rides, I did short sketches, that I’m planning on making into small linocuts.

They also messed up on my room-key-arm-band-thingy, and offered me anything in their store free, so I picked out an orange.

I got a lot of weird looks at that place.

See you Wednesday.


A Poor Excuse

Hello; you guys will have to excuse me; I’m on a trip to Orlando, and I’ve neglected to bring a camera for my sketches.

So, yes.

Otherwise, I will be bringing comics your way this Friday.

That way I don’t break two promises.

See you!