Don Quixote Looked and was Transported with Joy at the Sketch

Of the Discourse between the Knight and the Squire, with other matters worth relating

Hey, there!
I’m still here.

While I was absent, being separated from my honest craftsman’s tablet, I amused myself with various side projects in pen-and ink drawing. One of them, you see here, as a draughtsman’s humble celebration of the ingenious knight of La Mancha.

I will be revealing the rest as Time causes the radiant Aurora to present and dismiss herself in the regular order which Nature, being a benevolent and orderly master, has set forth before all man, be he a prince or a peasant.

One of these pleasant and amusing projects is a short side-story for the comic, which we all know (be it lovingly or not) as YAR.

I beg your permission to indulge in this obscure endeavour while I prepare more pages from our previous tale, which seems to have left Randall Carter (being a naturally choleric and rebellious fellow) imprisoned by an ungodly pirate, whereas Doyle (a much more submissive and repulsive sort of soul) is left at the mercy of the waves, like some unlucky piece of driftwood.

I hereby take my leave of you, dear readers, and I hope to see you again two dawns before the Sabbath.

Good day.


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