” ‘Just Sketch’ Said Mr. Bumble

Hey there.
What’s the time where you’re at?
Mine’s 5:15 5:16 5:17 5:18 around five o’ clock.

It’s gonna be a little bit longer before I can start up on comics again, since I can’t get up to school and get my tablet.
Sorry about that.

But I’ll try and keep working on drawings.

Not much else to say.

Have a nice weekend, you crazy kids, you.


2 thoughts on “” ‘Just Sketch’ Said Mr. Bumble

  1. So you draw your comics on a tablet? I used to do that until . . . saturday or something. Now I’m back to drawing comics on paper, because it suits my lifestyle better. The computer allows one to edit and erase easily, but I’ve found that to be more of a curse than a blessing.

    You’re really good at drawing monsters, you crazy kid. I’m impressed by how much detail you have in your sketches.

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