A Young Frenchman Sketches Behind…

Hello; here’s some random sketches from life.

Sorry ’bout all the truancy. I’m still working on getting adjusted, and the project I’ve begun for my studio class is probably going to dominate my time this semester.

I’ll have to try and photographify it for you at some point.

Just gotta get some kosher photos.

And now I’ll leave you be.

See you!


Sketch Away with Me…

Hi again!
Things have been busy around here since day one; already I’m working on essays and equations and whatnot.
But we’re not here to hear about how busy I am.
We’re here to hear about how busy I’m planning on being!

I’m prolly gonna be pretty busy.

So YAR comics and sketches will most likely end up delayed.

Of course, I’ll still be making as much time as I can for them, and I plan on sharing class-work, but I just figgered I’d give ya’ll a heads up.

So, here’s a goose I wanted to work out.
That’s pretty much all there is to it.