YAR Ch. 3 pg 4

This is an unusual time, ain’t it?
I usually don’t post on weekends, and usually not this late, but this page has been on hold for too long, and I wanted it out.

So here it is.

I’ve gotta say, it felt nice to get back to working on YAR today; I’m never entirely sure of my direction when I’m painting or drawing for class, but with comics I at least have some sense of what I’m trying to achieve.

Well, I’ll leave it at that. I’m afraid the comic schedule will likely continue to be erratic, though.

See you Monday!


7 thoughts on “YAR Ch. 3 pg 4

    • I see; what in particular disoriented you on this one? Was the dialogue hard to follow, or did you find yourself struggling to grasp the connection between the panels?
      I’m always interested in discussing aesthetics and story-telling, so anything you could tell me would be helpful.

      • This page specifically wasn’t horribly hard to follow, because I just had to follow the world bubbles in the standard reading order. However, your four panels in the top-left corner are too small to notice, especially since they are incongruent with the format of the rest of the page, and because the readers eyes are immediately drawn to the arrow, not the panels in the left. I had more of a problem with your page before this though. Some the of the bubbles were too far out of the panels. It seemed like the ship was supposed to be the last panel you read, but then it should have been at the bottom of the page.
        Besides these small layout problems, because your story goes on for so many pages, it would be nice if you arranged them chronologically somewhere – I don’t like having to search through posts tagged with “Yar” to read the earlier parts of the story. In my opinion, you should make another page on your blog, beside home and about, devoted to YAR, were you place the first page at the top, and simply have all the images following vertically, so that whenever you post a new YAR page, you would also add the image to the bottom of that page. I don’t have any comic series yet, but that’s what I have always planned to do when I get a story over multiple posts.
        Sorry for the really long reply. I hope you can find what I said moderately helpful.

      • Sorry for not getting back to you sooner; I have to agree with you about the ship page, looking back. I probably should have come up with a more elegant solution to be honest. As for the most recent page, I understand what you’re saying in regards to the arrow. I was hoping to let it be a subtle change in chronological perception, but if it wasn’t possible to read, then I suppose its irrelevant. I don’t mind lengthy comments at all, though; I almost never get to talk comics, and it’s nice to have a new perspective on things. Thanks for your help!

      • I saw the archives. It was a little more convenient, having all of the comics in one place, but it’s still cumbersome to read, because I have to go to the last page and click on a bunch of links. This detracts from the reading experience, especially since it’s supposed to be one continuous story. As I said, I think it should all be on one page. Here is an example of what I’m thinking. It’s nice because all you have to do is scroll, and all the pages are together. I don’t mean to be pushing my idea too much, but as a reader, I think it would be much more convenient.

      • Yo! Sorry for not getting back to you; I lead a terribly haphazard life. I’ll definitely have to consider what you’re proposing. Eventually I’m going to have to stop being a tightwad and get an actual website, so I’ll probably work out the format more then. For now, though, It’s gonna have to wait till there’s a bit less on my plate. Don’t worry about pushing any ideas too much; I appreciate the fact that you care enough about the comic to think up suggestions.

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