I must sketch this morsel..



Work has been going…
for me these past few days. I think I can get all that I need done on time.

I think.

Anyway, the next YAR is in production, and today’s sketch are a few figure studies I did this morning.
Because one can never have enough practice.
Or nudity.

See you Wednesday!


YAR, Ch. 3 pg 5

And this week’s YAR, folks!

Here she is.

I think we’ll be seeing an improvement in updates (I hope) since I was able to con my teacher into letting me draw this comic for my advanced drawing class.
So, you can count on a new YAR every week, and if it doesn’t happen, you’ll know what grade I’m getting.

That wasn’t very funny after I thought about it.

I’ve gotta go and buy dinner now.

See you!