They sketched me Ozymandius..

It’s gettin’ late!
An’ I almost forgot;

So I’ma make this quick.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the next page of YAR on Friday, but since assignments be comin’ in and whatnot, there may be delays.
And I apologize in advance for them.

Now for a self-deprecating comment,
And that wraps this post up.

See you!


You didn’t sketch like that when I was born.


Yes, I’m living in a dormitory once again.
It is, in some ways, more comfortable than my house.
I won’t go into the details.

So, I’ll try and stay on schedule this week, and hopefully in the weeks to follow.
That’s pretty much all I got right now.

Keepin’ it short today.
Keepin it short.