A peacable sketch-dom


HEY we’re on time this uh…


So, here’s some sketches from my gallavanting; the first two are from the waterpark.
I had only a few seconds to get some of these down while waiting in line. I kept the book dry during each slide with a ziploc bag.
At first I wasn’t keen on getting water on my drawings, but then I realized I could mix my pen’s ink with the water that fell from the slides to make a wash.

The last one is from the museum.
From the top down, they’re a sun/moon themed fiddle, a wood-carving of a fiddle player, and finally a wood-carved hippo that doubled as a rhinoceros and tripled as a victrola. When you played a record on it the tongue would wag.

That’s all I got for now!
Hope your day’s going well!
See you Friday!


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