Here, Bone, sketch this!

Hi, everyone!
It’s Monday, and we’s sketchin’ agin.


Not much news today; I’m still waiting for my wacom pen to show its dirty face in the mail, and once it does…

Well, I really don’t know what’ll happen then.
I can’t really beat up a pen.

I’ll try though.
Boy howdy you can bet I’ll try.

I start an office job tomorrow for complex societal reasons I can’t quite comprehend.

See you Wednesday!


Sketch it again, Sam.

Well, this is awkward.
And I am apologetic!
Sorry for being so late; I wanna blame it on trouble adjusting to my environment, but that’s not really the cause.

It was dragons.
Real live dragons with six-shot revolvers who shotgunned beers with the utmost speed.
They were pretty scary.

So, in other news, YAR’s delay is unfortunately a continuing thing.
Being the incredibly intelligent, organized person that I am, I managed to lose the pen for my tablet.
So, while I wait for the new one to come in the mail, I’ll just continue sketchin’ stuff.
Sorry ’bout all the delays.

See you Monday, errybuddy.