Calvin and the Dogfish pg 7


This whole school thing’s taking a toll on the hour I post, isn’t it?
C’est la french stuff.

I’ve got to get stuff worked on soon, but I’m sure I’ll have stuff for you next week, which….
may or may not include another comic; circumstances may prevent it.

I dunno what else to talk about…
Well, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this.

That’s what’s hip and happening in my world.

See you Monday!


To sleep, perchance to sketch!

I’m sorry I’m late!
My mind is preoccupied lately!

I’ve been adapting to being back here at school and I’m trying to pour as much time as possible into my classwork.
This is one of the things I put in my sketchbook for journaling class.
I need to get started on another thing now.

Please forgive my lack of words!
I’ll show you a comic tomorrow!