YAR, Ch2 pg 11


Playing with triangles is fun sometimes.

So here’s today’s page! We’re starting to get into some tension and stuff.

I’ve had to delegate nearly my whole day so far to writing essays, and I’m pretty sure I lapsed into some kind of frenzy.
I didn’t even know it was humanly possible to bite through bedposts.
But, I guess with the right amount of rage, anything is possible!
Hooray for hysteria!

I feel like I should tell you all again, that if you need to catch up with this chapter of YAR, it’s much easier to scroll through this tumblr page than to mess around here.

I should really get a link to that posted up.

See you next week!
More sketches!
More YAR!


He sketcheth best who loveth best…


And so here’s today’s contribution!
Not a painting today, but I’m finding myself running short on time.

In one of my classes today, we were looking at “The Ambassadors” by Hans Holbein the Younger, and discussing the possible meanings. I pointed out that behind the curtains on the left corner there was what looked like a crucifix hanging behind it, but some of the others didn’t see what I did. I wasn’t quite sure because we didn’t have a detail of that part of the picture. I just took a look right here and I’m still pretty sure it’s a crucifix.

What do you think?
I guess it doesn’t really affect you all, but I had nothing much else to talk about.
And I love Holbein.

See y’all Friday!