YAR Ch 2 pg 7


And here we are again!


Exclamation point!

Not much to report today. I’ve just been working a lot.
And stuff.

But I’ll try and have some sketches out after this weekend, and hopefully I can get the next page of YAR through as well.
How hard could it be? (He asked in an ominous tone)

See ya!


Work in Progress

Feels like ages since I’ve posted something non-YAR related.

This is what I’m working on in class at the moment; the terms for this one are that we can only use burnt sienna and ultramarine blue along with white. I’ve been slowly working my way through it.

Some of you might remember this from a sketch I posted a while back. When I presented all of my ideas, this was the one my instructor picked. I think that’s a bit telling of his aesthetic affectations.

One more thing before I go!
There was a beginning painting class in the studio while I was working today; one of the students didn’t have a piece of illustration board to paint on, and when the professor inquired about this, she responded: “My dog ate my white board”.

I’m just gonna let that rest on your brains for a bit.