At the time when it Happens You do Sketch it.


So here we are again; the days! They grow so short!

I’m real tired right now, so here’s the skinny:

YAR is coming together ever so slowly.
It’s still taking a backseat to schoolwork right now, but I’m gonna try my best.

And this here is for Illustration class. We were supposed to mock up a book cover for a classic novel.
I chose 1984.

That’s pretty much it.

You’re all wonderful people and stuff.



The Sketch of the Idols, the Green, Sticky, Spawn of the Stars…


Well, this took a while.

I’m back from New York; it was fun.
I ate a bagel.

Not too much to say tonight. Lots of stuff happening at once!
I’m finishing a painting and designing puppets at the same time.

I lead a very strange and imbalanced life.

G’night, ya’ll!