Cry “Sketch” and let loose the dogs of war!



Well, well, look who’s sticking to their promises.

Who knew, right?

I would say I’m getting better at this college thing, but I nearly forgot to go to a gallery showing of my teachers work.

How could I possibly forget that?

I forgot to mention it in the last post because I was so damn tired, but I’ve been waiting to use the phrase “monarchical regime”,

I think that says something about me.

Later, all! I gotta paint other stuff now.


3 thoughts on “Cry “Sketch” and let loose the dogs of war!

  1. I’ve noticed this before but decided that I should ignore it, but I can’t anymore.
    You write exactly how my friend Aislinn writes. You’re either her pretending to be someone else or you’re her evil twin.
    Anyways, how long did it take you to do this painting?

    • I, uh.. don’t think I’m Aislinn..
      Not unless there’s been some brain-switchin’ or memory-erasin’ going on recently.
      And as far as I know, I’m not an evil twin.
      Although, I have been laughing maniacally recently.

      This painting took me somewhere between half an hour and one hour-thirty minutes. I don’t tend to watch the clock much.

      • Ah, ok, laughing maniacally, probably a sign but eh, who knows these days.
        Haha yeah, I didn’ think of that…I’m one of the weirdos who draws and has a laptop 2 inches away and knows what time it is, always. Dundundun

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