Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a sketch.



I give two.


Lookit me, making jokes about the titles of my blog posts.

I’m hilarious.

Anyway, I feel like explaining these two for the benefit of proper understanding.

So, uh… first one, we’ll say Gothic,

And second one, Jesus Lizards. And screaming.

Actually, they’re called Basilisks, and they burrow underground too.

 This is incredibly awesome, and I wish I’d known it before today.

This week’s page is making slow progress, but I think I can pull through.

Alright, I HOPE I can pull through.

Happy Woden’s Day.

I’m not linking to that one. Look it up yerself.


3 thoughts on “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a sketch.

    • That hadn’t really occurred to me. I feel overblown with confidence, knowing that my drawings align with film classics!
      I should grow a paunchy belly and start smoking cigars.
      Thanks for following, by the way!
      We will draw in unison as the world comes to its slow, yet inevitable end.

      That got sorta dark.

      • And start saying things like, “I’m not quite sure,” while stroking your beard (you should grow a stereotypical lumberjack one).

        Thank the movie because that scene of Clark Gable dissing Vivian Leigh, using that line, it’s just great.

        Dark is good.

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