Rosebud was his sketch.



I’m guessing you all know the pattern at this point.

Apologies come first.

Second, I’m afraid the next page of YAR is going to have to be delayed until I can catch up with my school projects.

I hope that once I get on the beat, I can keep things moving smoothly.

So here’s two for this week; the lower one is one of my class projects. The subject is “The Judgement of Paris”.

Now I gotta work.

See ya’ll when I see ya’ll!


YAR pg. 27


Well, I feel like a proper flake.

I got plenty on my plate, unfortunately, and one of my myriad flaws is that I am interminably slow.

I’ll do my best to keep things going, but the schedule’s gonna be spotty.

I’ll be uploading sketches tomorrow, and either Thursday or Friday.

We’re getting close to the conclusion!

So close!

Stick wit’ it wit’ me, ya’ll!