Oh, There He is.

I return once again!

He said to no one in particular.

I recently went on vacation, during which I made it a point to avoid the Internet for as long as possible, which was extremely pleasant. (I’m a horrible Millenial.) but when I wasn’t screwing around (I did a lot of that) I spent the majority of my time in my sketchbook.

So, I’ve taken some of the better pictures (most of which were done as quickly as possible so I could catch up with my impatient relatives) for this week’s first sketch post.



The first place we hit up was Virginia. This’un’s from Jamestown, and the terrain there is flat, so I tried to take advantage of negative space, a practice that is known in artistic circles as “aping Rembrandt”.



One of my favorite places in Williamsburg is the Rockefeller Museum  where they store all the folk art.  These are two wood-sculptures from that section; the one on the left was actually a symbol for cigar stores if I’m thinking correctly.

003When we went to Nag’s Head, up in North Carolina, I went to the beach and walked with my sketchbook in hand nearly every day. I tried to keep things small, quick, and manageable. Naturally, I studied the seagulls.


More beach drawings, but these are focused more on the landscape. Still very small, though.


These are from the Aquarium, one of my favorite places in Manteo (other than Darrell’s anyway). I’m mostly trying to understand the form of the snake here. I wish I had more time there. Like, days more.

I’m feeling more self-indulgent than usual, so I’m cutting it for now.

More comics soon!

More sketches!

Next time!


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