Hey, Bro, we sketchin’



Well, hello there.

I wasn’t sure what sketches I wanted to post today, so I decided to share some of my process.
The following four images are in preparation for a final piece.
(Apologies in advance for some blurring around the edges; my scanner and my sketchbook don’t always get along.)



I started out just focusing on the composition by drawing it out…
Well, “loosely” doesn’t really begin to cover it.
But once I had the layout down in a way I could understand it, I moved on to studies.





The figure on the right seemed harder, so I worked on that one first.



And then I moved on to the one on the left.
There are some inaccuracies (mostly measurement problems) here and there, but I’ve figured out the musculature, so when I redraw these, (clothed, of course) I’ll correct them then.
I like to keep things free.





Finally, the fun part: designing for the figure on the left; I ended up looking at some native american garb, as well as (the ever-popular) plague doctor mask.

Perhaps it’s a bit early in the game to be talking about process to you guys, but I wanted to change things up a bit.



And just so you know I’m still weird, here’s some doodles of a pig man.

I gotta get to work, now!

I’ve got one comic on time, and I need to keep it going!

‘Till then!


2 thoughts on “Hey, Bro, we sketchin’

    • I just bookmarked it; I’ll definitely have to look through it in my spare time! I wasn’t planning to go much further with most of these sketches, but I might just try for doing some of the goblins for BFSD. Thanks for all the input, although I didn’t realize you were going to offer spelling corrections as well!

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