Sketches! Ramblings!



As promised, a sketch!

In pastels!

Also as promised:

I’m fairly satisfied with the colored version of the page (if you missed my last post, here it is!); I’m trying to improve my lighting as much as I can, but I’ve still got a ways to go.

Painting it was about as much fun as drawing it this time, which is rather unusual, but I’ll take it as a good sign. On that subject..

I know the schedule has been pretty much all over the place, but I’m changing it once again;

From now on, I’ll be posting color pages of YAR every Friday.


I’ll be trying to post more during the daytime hours, since I’ve realized that most of you guys don’t sleep at ungodly hours, or live in strange time-zones.

I really enjoy drawing YAR, but between my day-job, and driving, and whatnot, the pages have been taking up all my time.

And I wanna draw other things sometimes!

This way, I’ll have more to offer than just a couple pages of comics a week (hopefully!)

I don’t say it much, (and maybe this is a manipulative moment to do so) but I thank all of you who are reading for doing so;
My main goal in drawing this comic is to entertain, and if I can entertain at least a few people each week, I’m delighted.

‘Till next time, folks!


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