YAR pg 15


For what it’s worth, there’s something to be said for Randy’s bravado.

It might be “Idiot”.

Secondly, WHAT? A page was posted EARLY?
“What form of devilry is this!?” one might ask.

Well, to be succinct, the preparatory kind.

I’m taking a trip this Thursday to visit a college, and the chances of me getting work done in that particular venue seem rather slim.
So I’m posting this early, and I’ll be starting on the color page this evening; if I can get it done for you guys by tomorrow evening, I’ll post it.

Heck, if I can get the line work done, I’ll post that and post a finished one later.

And failing either of the two, I’ll post some sketches (although those will be coming regardless).

Well, that’s about it, so..

‘Till next time!


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