YAR pg.9


If’n ya can’t read the text on this’un, ya might wanna click on it.

T’enlarge it ‘n such.

The seagulls were fun to draw individually, but as a group, they’re sort of a pain in the ass.

It’s a good thing I find them so damn amusing, or else they would’ve gotten old real quick.

Line weight’s started bugging me recently; I’m trying to get as much as I can out of the outline, and that can sometimes be problem.

But I will tell you what, treasured readers:

First thing I’m buying with my paycheck is gonna be an Intuos 5.

The small one.

Factory refurbished.

From Amazon.

Until next time, folks!


YAR pg8


So, now that we’ve established that fact…

Whenever I did this one, I was worried about how I would fit the text in, but now I’m rather satisfied.

The coloring still needs work though; I feel like there’s too much dissonance between character and background. Next time, I’m going to work on making the colors more crisp.

Did that last sentence strike anyone else as delicious?

Now that I’ve got this done, I can work on some graphite illustration.
I’ll have to try and share it once It’s finished.

Happy landings, if you’re flying!
If you’re not flying, well, why are you wasting the scientific achievements of the Orvilles?

Go and fly.

‘Till next time, everyone.