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As promised, here’s a peek at what I’m doing for class. I apologize for the quality of these scans, but the pages are a bit bigger than my scanner will take.

The idea is that we each copy the works of artists on a specific list, and then combine their styles.

I chose Dr. Seuss and Andy Riley. or rather, I’m going to choose them. I’m sorta working ahead. I plan on assembling these page by page, until they create a composition. These are a few of the pencils; once all the rest are done, I’m going to begin inking, and illustrating the blood in watercolor. Almost every page will feature my caricature enduring some horrible torture, accompanied by a rhyming scheme.

One of my goals for this class is to see just how much I can get away with. It’s been pretty entertaining so far.

I’ve even been able to incorporate the phrase “shut the fuck up Dave” into one of my pieces.

So that’s a slight success.


Till next post.


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