Just a few doodles I did to fill up space on this here blog while I work on other stuff to fill up this here blog.
My goal for this character is to try and make him seem unnatural in any activity; although in some of these he comes off as a bit pathetic.


Does anyone here know Lars Brown? I did not until a month or two ago. Let me just say that I have always wanted Mr. Brown to exist, but I had not known it. He’s probably best known for Penultimate Quest, but I read the Epic of Conrad, and I was blown away. I think what I like most about his comics is how fresh they feel. The whole “hero learns family is more important than fame” storyline has been overplayed in mass media, but Brown manages to keep it new and interesting in The Epic. Plus, there’s a talking spirit-bear.

And I love talking spirit bears.

Great work, Mr. Brown!


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